Photos: Top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013

With marijuana now legal in Colorado (if you're 21 and above and the amount is an ounce or less), odds are good that you've got a stoner on your holiday gift list.

Or maybe two stoners. Or possibly ten.

Wondering what to get them this year? We're here to help, with our second annual "Dear Santa" suggestions for the cannabis consumer in your life.

Below are fifteen pot-related must-haves for the 2013 holiday season.

Number 15. RigRags reusable cannabis-themed rags Okay, we know that RigRags are nothing more than bandannas with cool designs, but they're great stocking-stuffer swag for the out-and-about dabber who doesn't want to leave behind a splattery mess of cannabis residue. All feature black designs on white rags so that you can easily find the still-clean spots to dirty up. And they're each just $5, so you'll want to order a few to keep around the house. Dirty rig? Clean it up. Click to visit Number 14. Pipe bag from Colorado's Dime Bags It might seem strange to some of us, but the '90s are back in style, with faded jeans, flannel and high-tops coming full circle some twenty years later. Take it from someone who was there: If you want to be a truly authentic 1990s stoner, you've got to get a padded pipe bag to carry your heady fumed glass piece around in. Seriously, though, pipe bags are still a great way to keep glass from chipping, and also to help mitigate odors in your backpack, car, boat, rocket ship, etc. Colorado Springs-based Dime Bags Storage has been making quality pipe bags for years, but to keep up with the times, it now also offers padded bong and bubbler bags, with room for all of your stoner accoutrements. Click to visit Number 13. Hemp playing cards These playing cards give a new meaning to smokin' aces. Bicycle, the card company that's been around since before cannabis was outlawed in the United States, has created a deck of cards made from sustainable hemp, which gives them a slightly weathered, aged look. Otherwise, the cards feel and play like a standard deck, so you won't miss a beat at your next bridge game -- though you might cause a small stir. Because instead of the usual design, the hemp cards feature a rather hearty-looking ganja leaf on the back and weed-themed green kings, queens, jacks and jokers. They're $4 at Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013. Number 12. DoobTubes We've said it before and we'll say it again (because we're stoned and forgot we said it before): These are possibly the greatest on-the-go personal stash containers out there. Not only do DoobTubes keep king-sized joints, spliffs and blunts from being crushed, but you can also grind up raw herb and stash it inside the smell-proof tubes for safekeeping. We've found they're great for snowboarding and swimming, and they also make thoughtful handouts when you're traveling and meet a fellow toker. allows you to order tubes with Colorado state laws printed on the side, or any custom design you want. Five-packs start at $6 on the website, though you can also find much cheaper deals through online smoke shops. Number 11. Bargain Ballz and Bungee Ballz The concept seems stupidly simple (it is), and the names aren't the greatest. But if you're a skier or boarder, these balls should be on your must-have list. Not only does the bungee keep your lighter around, but the round foam piece that chomps down onto the lighter makes it easier to handle with gloved or freezing-cold hands. Flip the lighter business-side down into the foam and it's kept relatively waterproofed. The balls are great for pairing up with a DoobTube or two for a rafting trip or a day paddle-boarding on the reservoir. Bungee Ballz come one to a pack for about $6 a pop; Bargain Ballz are two per $6 pack. Click to visit Number 10. Vapor globe portable vaporizer Does your stoner have the (current) mother of all vape pens, the vapor globe? While the globe doesn't have the portability or stealthiness of smaller vape pens like the Cloud/iPuff/etc., it's much more like actual dabbing. Just drop your wax, shatter or oil into the nail, and it's ready to rip. If you've got an eGo-type battery for your current vaporizer, then upgrading to the vapor globe set will only run you about $45 -- and it's money well spent. We suggest the Halo Elips with titanium-nail setup from Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013. Number 9. Smoke Buddy Jr. While cannabis use is legal in Colorado, you can't just go around smoking wherever and whenever you want -- yet. Until that day comes, odor elimination while toking will remain a necessary evil for apartment-dwelling tokers, people with uncool roommates, and those of you unfortunate enough to still be living at home with your intolerant parents. But Smoke Buddy has you covered. More accurately, Smoke Buddy covers you when you're smoking. The new Smoke Buddy Jr. offers a much more portable way to do it, too. The disposable, carbon-filtered units last for about 300 hits and really do help keep your space from becoming smoky and skunky a thousand times better than the old-school method of stuffing a dryer sheet in a toilet-paper tube. They're $25 online at Number 8. Trim Bin Got growers in the house? Here's a trim tray that they'll instantly favor over the Tupperware or glass baking dishes they've been using. The Trim Bin has a 150 micron mesh screen at the bottom, allowing kief to fall through to the attached ergonomic lower tray of the unit. The whole thing fits comfortably in your lap and gives an instant payoff of farm-fresh kief at the end of your pruning. The bin has high walls and custom armrests, allowing trimmers to sit in any chair and trim in their lap without slumping over a table. The Trim Bin is available around town at grow shops, and online through Amazon, for about $50 to $60 a pop. Click to visit Number 7. Oil Slick pads and jars This one might save your marriage as well as your tabletops. The non-stick jars and pads from Oil Slick keep even the most goopy, sticky concentrates manageable, and since they aren't glass, you can bend the mats and jars to help dislodge oil that you might otherwise leave behind in a plastic or glass jar. It's a very, very simple idea -- but sometimes those lead to the very, very best products. Slick pads come in a variety of sizes, ranging from $5 pads the size of a DVD case all the way up to table-sized slabs that sell for $80 or so. The pocket-sized oil stackers and balls will run you $25 for a box of three online. Click to visit Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013. Number 6. Magical Butter MB2 Not that making pot-infused butter or oil is all that difficult, but who doesn't love a little automation when it comes to cooking? Magical Butter takes the effort (and stink) out of making pot-infused products by creating an all-in-one, cannabis-specific edible concentrate infuser that looks a lot like a giant coffee pot. Patients can drop their desired amount of herb into the machine along with a preset amount of butter or cannabis and more accurately determine their own dosages -- all with the push of a few buttons. Want a nice kick? Throw in nine or ten grams. Want to keep things mellow? An eighth-ounce will do. The magic gizmo is $175, and you can order direct from the company at Number 5. Personal wood dab station or keif box from Mr. Keifbox There are keif boxes, and then there are Mr. Keifbox's keif boxes. The Cadillac of custom wooden trichome treasure chests, each Mr. Keifbox box is individually crafted with custom artwork or additional pipe compartments done to customer specifications. All keif boxes are lined with 120-micron silk or metal screens for collecting all sizes of trichome glands that fall off your buds while keeping plant material down to a minimum. If you're buying for an oil head, Mr. Keifbox also designs a magnetically closing traveling dab station complete with cutouts for Oil Slick pads and stackable jars, as well as dabbing tools and nails. Simple 4" x 4" boxes start around $40, and the sky's the limit from there; dab stations start at $75 fully loaded with everything but the hash itself. Click to visit Number 4. Pendant Rig If the portable e-rig won't do the trick, just get your loved one this oil-rig pendant -- an actual working oil bubbler that you can wear around your neck. Seriously. It's the new hash-head must-have bling, judging by how many we've seen in the last year at hash contests and cannabis-cup events. The smallest may well be the 10mm "Teacup Chihuahua" pendant rigs from K-Nine glass out of Oregon -- each blown with a bead toward the top of the miniature stem for easy neck draping. Check out for deals on K-Nine rigs. Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013. Number 3. Domeless titanium nail setup You smoke oils and waxes but you don't have a titanium nail setup? Now is the time to get one -- and you don't have to completely change up your bong or bubbler to do it. The folks at Ti POWER have developed a number of domeless designs that fit male and female glass-on-glass joints. Just slide the medical-grade titanium onto your piece and you're ready to torch and dab the night away. We've been vaping up concentrates on our DL710 1-piece domeless lately, and it's working out great. But you big-time dabbers might want to upgrade to the XL version with the massive 1-inch-diameter head. They're $60- $120 at Number 2. Embur cordless/flameless lighter We reviewed this product earlier this year and loved it. The $200 price tag is a bit hard to stomach, we know, but the 1,400-degree, glowing orange-ceramic-tip lighter works perfectly for marijuana and just about every type of concentrate available. Just waft it over the top of a green bowl and enjoy the purity of the herb without immediately torching through to the bottom. Throw a chunk of hash or wax on top of your titanium nail and hit it with the Embur for a blowtorch-less concentrate smoke session. There are even Embur-specific glass concentrate bowls available from Sheldon Black. We found that one charge lasted at least two days of puffing tough; even better, the lighter is portable. If you really want to impress the stoner in your life with an awesome gift, consider this one, available at Number 1. Marijuana Let's be real: All of the gifts we've suggested so far are pretty useless without this. And since in Colorado it's perfectly legal to give an adult 21 or older an ounce of pot, edibles, concentrates or even live plants, you might just want to break off an extra-kind stalk of your fall harvest for the stoners in your life.

Trust us: It's all they really want, anyway.

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