Photos: Top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013

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Number 15. RigRags reusable cannabis-themed rags Okay, we know that RigRags are nothing more than bandannas with cool designs, but they're great stocking-stuffer swag for the out-and-about dabber who doesn't want to leave behind a splattery mess of cannabis residue. All feature black designs on white rags so that you can easily find the still-clean spots to dirty up. And they're each just $5, so you'll want to order a few to keep around the house. Dirty rig? Clean it up. Click to visit Number 14. Pipe bag from Colorado's Dime Bags It might seem strange to some of us, but the '90s are back in style, with faded jeans, flannel and high-tops coming full circle some twenty years later. Take it from someone who was there: If you want to be a truly authentic 1990s stoner, you've got to get a padded pipe bag to carry your heady fumed glass piece around in. Seriously, though, pipe bags are still a great way to keep glass from chipping, and also to help mitigate odors in your backpack, car, boat, rocket ship, etc. Colorado Springs-based Dime Bags Storage has been making quality pipe bags for years, but to keep up with the times, it now also offers padded bong and bubbler bags, with room for all of your stoner accoutrements. Click to visit Number 13. Hemp playing cards These playing cards give a new meaning to smokin' aces. Bicycle, the card company that's been around since before cannabis was outlawed in the United States, has created a deck of cards made from sustainable hemp, which gives them a slightly weathered, aged look. Otherwise, the cards feel and play like a standard deck, so you won't miss a beat at your next bridge game -- though you might cause a small stir. Because instead of the usual design, the hemp cards feature a rather hearty-looking ganja leaf on the back and weed-themed green kings, queens, jacks and jokers. They're $4 at Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013.
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