Photos: Top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013

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Number 9. Smoke Buddy Jr. While cannabis use is legal in Colorado, you can't just go around smoking wherever and whenever you want -- yet. Until that day comes, odor elimination while toking will remain a necessary evil for apartment-dwelling tokers, people with uncool roommates, and those of you unfortunate enough to still be living at home with your intolerant parents. But Smoke Buddy has you covered. More accurately, Smoke Buddy covers you when you're smoking. The new Smoke Buddy Jr. offers a much more portable way to do it, too. The disposable, carbon-filtered units last for about 300 hits and really do help keep your space from becoming smoky and skunky a thousand times better than the old-school method of stuffing a dryer sheet in a toilet-paper tube. They're $25 online at Number 8. Trim Bin Got growers in the house? Here's a trim tray that they'll instantly favor over the Tupperware or glass baking dishes they've been using. The Trim Bin has a 150 micron mesh screen at the bottom, allowing kief to fall through to the attached ergonomic lower tray of the unit. The whole thing fits comfortably in your lap and gives an instant payoff of farm-fresh kief at the end of your pruning. The bin has high walls and custom armrests, allowing trimmers to sit in any chair and trim in their lap without slumping over a table. The Trim Bin is available around town at grow shops, and online through Amazon, for about $50 to $60 a pop. Click to visit Number 7. Oil Slick pads and jars This one might save your marriage as well as your tabletops. The non-stick jars and pads from Oil Slick keep even the most goopy, sticky concentrates manageable, and since they aren't glass, you can bend the mats and jars to help dislodge oil that you might otherwise leave behind in a plastic or glass jar. It's a very, very simple idea -- but sometimes those lead to the very, very best products. Slick pads come in a variety of sizes, ranging from $5 pads the size of a DVD case all the way up to table-sized slabs that sell for $80 or so. The pocket-sized oil stackers and balls will run you $25 for a box of three online. Click to visit Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013.
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