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Number 6. Magical Butter MB2 Not that making pot-infused butter or oil is all that difficult, but who doesn't love a little automation when it comes to cooking? Magical Butter takes the effort (and stink) out of making pot-infused products by creating an all-in-one, cannabis-specific edible concentrate infuser that looks a lot like a giant coffee pot. Patients can drop their desired amount of herb into the machine along with a preset amount of butter or cannabis and more accurately determine their own dosages -- all with the push of a few buttons. Want a nice kick? Throw in nine or ten grams. Want to keep things mellow? An eighth-ounce will do. The magic gizmo is $175, and you can order direct from the company at Number 5. Personal wood dab station or keif box from Mr. Keifbox There are keif boxes, and then there are Mr. Keifbox's keif boxes. The Cadillac of custom wooden trichome treasure chests, each Mr. Keifbox box is individually crafted with custom artwork or additional pipe compartments done to customer specifications. All keif boxes are lined with 120-micron silk or metal screens for collecting all sizes of trichome glands that fall off your buds while keeping plant material down to a minimum. If you're buying for an oil head, Mr. Keifbox also designs a magnetically closing traveling dab station complete with cutouts for Oil Slick pads and stackable jars, as well as dabbing tools and nails. Simple 4" x 4" boxes start around $40, and the sky's the limit from there; dab stations start at $75 fully loaded with everything but the hash itself. Click to visit Number 4. Pendant Rig If the portable e-rig won't do the trick, just get your loved one this oil-rig pendant -- an actual working oil bubbler that you can wear around your neck. Seriously. It's the new hash-head must-have bling, judging by how many we've seen in the last year at hash contests and cannabis-cup events. The smallest may well be the 10mm "Teacup Chihuahua" pendant rigs from K-Nine glass out of Oregon -- each blown with a bead toward the top of the miniature stem for easy neck draping. Check out for deals on K-Nine rigs. Continue to keep counting down the top fifteen marijuana gifts of 2013.
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