Photos: Top five CU Boulder crackdowns before 4/20 visitor ban

Earlier this month, a CU Boulder spokesman denied that the university's approach to the annual 4/20 celebration on campus represented a crackdown. But that was before the announcement that Norlin Quad would be closed and visitors banned on a day that's clearly not among CU president Bruce Benson's faves. This policy is stirring controversy -- and it's hardly the first time, as you'll see in our list of the top five recent CU Boulder crackdowns. How'd the previous ones work out? Find out below. 5. Medical marijuana patients banned from smoking in dorms Back in 2010, Alex Douglas, who was then a CU senior and executive director of [email protected], blasted the university for not allowing MMJ patients attending the school to medicate in dormitories. "It's a five- or six-month wait to get the cards right now," he said at the time. "So for freshmen who are just turning eighteen, and who've just realizing that medical marijuana can help them, it's very discriminatory."

At CU, freshmen are required to live in dorms -- and while the university loosened its regulations to allow first-year students who are also medical marijuana patients to live off-campus, Douglas didn't see this tweak as a solution, since it forced such individuals to choose between campus-life experiences and cannabis treatments. "Their first year is their introduction to college," he told us, "and I'm sure not being able to live on-campus has an effect on their grades, on their social life, on time management. And I don't think it's okay for any incoming freshman or anyone on campus not to be able to use their medicine in the comfort of their own residence."

Nonetheless, Douglas's complaints didn't gain much traction. After all, CU also bans cigarette smoking in dorms, as well as the use of candles, because they're considered fire hazards.

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