Photos: Top ten cars whose drivers can be jerks on icy roads

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Number 2: Hummer H5 Most people think we're seeing fewer Hummers on the road these days because of their lousy gas mileage and the social stigma of owning a vehicle synonymous with the destruction of the planet. But I've got another theory: It's because so many of them have been wrecked by drivers who treated interstates like bowling lanes and their car like a ball hoping to rack up a strike. Every time one zooms past me in the snow, I expect to see it a few miles later resting on its top, and a time or two, it's happened. Number 1: Mitsubishi Outlander The Outlander takes this post's prize for a simple reason: I was almost killed by one this morning. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but an Outlander driver tailgated me from a distance of about a foot as I drove through a super-slick 6th Avenue construction zone at the speed limit in the slow lane -- and the fast lane was open! So congratulations, pal. You've cast all the other good Outlander drivers in your reflected shame.

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