Photos: Top Ten Haunted Houses in the U.S.A., Including a Terrifying Denver Attraction

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The Beast, Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City has long been a capital of haunted houses from its height of thirteen- plus haunted houses in the 1980's and through its transition to fewer yet more sophisticated haunted houses today, said Amber Arnett-Bequeaith "Queen of Screams" operating the West Bottom Haunted Houses. "The survivors must be suited for the ever-discriminating thrill-seeking visitor that witnesses extremes on video games and movies." Fewer houses are also a fact that seasonal business can be a frightful venture with so many potential catastrophic events that can kill a business that only has weeks to recover. The West Bottoms, just west of Downtown Kansas City off the 12th Street Bridge, has defied the downturn in haunt offerings and reigns as the Haunted House epicenter with four large haunted houses in this one historic community. The houses are located in large multi-storied commercial buildings built around 1900 and each has something unique that makes it a must-see horror attraction.
Arx Mortis Haunted Experience, Killeen, Alabama
Arx Mortis is NOT your mom and dad's haunted house!

From our name, Arx Mortis from the latin meaning "The Castle of Death!" to the professional animatronics, actors, make-up and sets we have made every effort to bring you the best haunted entertainment possible. We like to think of it as more of a haunted experience than just an attraction. So every year we change large portions of the haunt to give you, our victim...sorry I mean guest a new experience. And to this end we have resurrected DOCTOR GRAYSTONE!! That's right Doctor Graystone is back and up to his evil ways. Long thought dead and destroyed the doctor has risen and has brought his special brand of medicine to the halls of Covington Clinic. Also back, because the doctor said he could not practice his unique take on medicine without it...the old mortuary and funeral home.

Sir Cecil being a consummate showman knew just what type of entertainment a gentleman such as the doctor would enjoy and through his underground connections has expanded his world famous big top show. Putting together a collection of terrifying oddities and freaks sure to satisfy even the most twisted and discerning of palates

All in all the Legion has been devoting special attention, time and resources to making sure 2014 is the best and most horrific year yet!
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