Photos: Top ten St. Patrick's Day posts on CU-Boulder Confessions

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Number 10: The wearing of the green "Tonight, a night that all students of CU should be in the spirit of St. Paddy's day, someone went after my boyfriend for having a certain hair style. Seriously? We live in Boulder, a beautiful, peaceful place. So why jump my boyfriend when he had a cool looking do in spirit of this great day?!? But where my confession comes in is that once he hit my boyfriend, I jumped on top of him and beat the fuck out of his face, bashing in my hand. I'm 4'9" and this dude was probably 6 feet tall. Another confession, I don't actually go here. I'm on spring break visiting my boyfriend. So thanks to the douchers who tried to beat up my boyfriend on my last day of spring break, and no, I'm not sorry that my small white ass completely beat your ass tonight...." Number 9: Chivalry isn't dead, just shy "Dear crying girl walking home fromPpearl, I asked if you were okay, and you said yes. I hope you're really okay! I woulda offered to walk you home but I didn't wanna seem creepy. Sincerely, Boy who cares." Continue to keep counting down our top ten St. Patrick's Day posts on CU-Boulder Confessions.
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