Photos: Top ten St. Patrick's Day posts on CU-Boulder Confessions

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Number 8: You deserve a break today "I just got a free drink and McFlurry from the McDonald's on Baseline. There was nobody at the first window to take my card and the poor guy at the second window seemed too flustered (or stoned...) to realize to charge me. After waiting forever for a simple order, when he just told me, "Have a good night!" I didn't even question it. I might have felt a little guiltier if I hadn't just spent 13 hours working on my day off and will continue that trend tomorrow. It doesn't quite make up for my missed St. Patty's, but it helps a little!" Number 7: A new variation on downward facing dog "Was so fucked up last night that I watched my friend do 'drunk, naked yoga' on top of half the cars on my street. To whoever owns a black Honda CRV parked on 11th, you might wanna get your car washed.... Shit got weird." Continue to keep counting down our top ten St. Patrick's Day posts on CU-Boulder Confessions.
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