Photos: Top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave

The hot weather still hasn't broken, and much as we'd like, most of us can't take off and visit one of our top ten Colorado places to stay cool in a heat wave -- because we have to work.

Fortunately, a lot of businesses in Colorado allow employees to dress casually and wear clothes that are appropriate to the weather during the summer. But outfits that are totally fine in 95 degree heat outdoors can cause issues in an office.

Here's our top ten work fashion don'ts in a heat wave.

Number 10: Visible nipples Sheer fabrics: So breezy and comfy! But light weaves aren't great at masking body parts with minds of their own -- and nipples aren't the only examples. More on that later! Number 9: The dangers of bending over The less cloth covering your lower half, the greater the chances of your posterior offering your co-workers a how-do-you-do. To put it another way, troubles with a plumber's crack don't only happen to plumbers. Continue for more of our top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave. Number 8: Not exactly heaven scent The more layers you wear, the less likely it'll be that your body's natural odor during hot temperatures will assault the nostrils of your neighbor. Conversely, the smaller the top, the greater the odds that your mere presence will make your cubicle-mate wince. Number 7: Who brought the muffins? The vast majority of us boast a little blob of somethin'-somethin' that hangs over our belt when we sit -- but during chillier weather, it's cloaked beneath big sweaters and the like. Wear a shirt that's too hot-weather-friendly, though, and there's no way to slow your roll. Continue for more of our top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave. Number 6: Too anatomically correct In this still from a classic episode of Modern Family, Cam's family struggles with how to tell him that the bike shorts he loves to wear outline his package a little too well. Throughout these scenes, Cam's crotch area is obscured by video graphics. But in real life, even Google Glass can't do that...yet. Number 5: Coming out Let's face it: Belly buttons are weird in general -- but some are weirder than others. Giving office-mates a close-up view of all but the most photogenic innies and outies can be too much information, visually speaking. Continue for more of our top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave. Number 4: Ogle-loves Give the average guy the slightest excuse to act like a cartoon wolf with a jaw flexible enough to smack the table and a tongue that unwinds like a red carpet and he'll take it -- even when the object of his affection is modestly dressed. Subtract fabric from the ensemble and he's likely to start breathing like an obscene phone caller.... Number 3: A hairy situation The Flickr photo seen here is entitled "Confident," and confidence is cool. But if you're not quite that bold, you may want to think twice before giving office exposure to usually hidden body hair, which can sprout from plenty of places other than your armpits. Continue for more of our top ten work fashion mistakes during a heat wave. Number 2: Arousal indicator A certain male appendage can get chubby at the least opportune times -- and if anyone wearing items that are too small or too thin across their flank has a good chance of letting everyone see their, um, excitement. 'Nuff said. Number 1: A chill in the air Hot weather outside often means air conditioners on full blast inside. But all too frequently, cooling systems are set on "Antarctica," forcing folks to pull sweatshirts or coats over their summer clothes. A hint to maintenance staffs: If you can see your breath inside, it's too cold, even if it's hotter than hell just outside the door.

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