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Number 8: Everyone loves sushi! "The guy insisted on sushi even though I told him I didn't like it. (Why do people seem to think if you have something with them, your experience will be magically different?) He then proceeded to order about $80 worth of sushi. I had a glass of wine & 2 bites of food. The conversation was painfully dull. Then when the check came he ignored it for like 15 min. Finally I asked if he needed me to help -- yes! Paid close to $50 for a horrible evening. And he thought it went well & asked me out again. Um, NO!" Number 7: Well, at least the ringtone wasn't "You Give Love a Bad Name" "Met a guy downtown who originally wanted me to drive clear out to Louisville (from Aurora -- where I was at the time) to his area. Upon meeting, found out his profile (yes, online dating site) was "over a year old, I've just never changed it," which was great considering I only met up with him because I was bored and his profile said he was new to the area and wanted to make friends.

Over the painful course of the evening I came to realize someone had taken my antithesis in male form and put him before me. This guy argued (yes, ARGUED) that people NEED meat in their diets (talking to a long-time vegetarian here), he voted for Bush twice, and was pro-Iraq War (despite not being in the armed forces himself). At one point I excused myself to use the restroom and thought there was no way he'd still be at the table (surely he had to have witness the train wreck as well).

Nope. Wrong. Guy was still there and proceeds to try and talk me into going back to his place (still in Louisville!) for date rape. I mean drinks. Yeah, no thanks, buddy. I only agreed because we were driving separately anyway and I wanted an escape from him. As I was getting onto the highway (knowing full well I was headed home) I called him to tell him I changed my mind, but not before I got a dose of his Bon Jovi "Dead or Alive" answertone. That was pretty much the icing on top of my totally-over-online-dating cake.

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