Photos: Top ten worst dates in Denver

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2. Offering a hand "Went on a date with a girl from and found out at the end of the evening she was married. Then was offered a handy because Aunt Flo was visiting, and the hubby was going to be returning home anytime." 1. Punk Rock: A Love Story "I went out on a first date who was this dude who was really into punk and wore a punk hoodie to the date. We had already talked on the phone and got along great, so it didn't bother me when he showed up in casual gear. We sit down at the restaurant and this drunk Chad walks up to our table and says he doesn't want to ruin the evening, but he finds my date's sweatshirt to be incredibly offensive. My date, dumbfounded, just says, "Really?" The guy continues to talk about how his father and grandfather fought in wars for our freedom and my date's sweatshirt is an insult to America. Basically, the guy tries to get my date to come outside and fight about this whole thing, claiming he could "kick his ass." There were no blows thrown, but needless to say, the rest of the date was sort of weird.

So I agree to a second date to make up for the weird first date. I decide we should go see Black Swan. Yeah. That's an awkward movie to see with a date you've not so much as kissed. The whole time was sort of...uncomfortable.

But! The third date went quite nicely, as did all of the dates after that. So well, that I'm sitting next to him now in what will soon be our shared apartment."

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