Photos: Twelve notable oil spills caused by flooding -- and how many gallons gushed

As reports poured in about loss of life and damage to property as a result of our recent flooding, we also heard about oil spills in a wide variety of locations. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has been charged with tracking the particulars, and in its most recent report as of this writing, the agency documents twelve spells it considers notable and estimates how much of the stuff gushed out in barrels and/or gallons. We've got the facts and figures related to the ten calculated thus far, as well as the unsettling total. Check them out below. Number 12: "125 barrels from an Anadarko storage tank south of Milliken."

Approximate gallons spilled: 5,250

Number 11. "Another Anadarko storage tank has released 323 barrels. That event occurred north of Firestone on the St. Vrain River."

Approximate gallons spilled: 13,566

Number 10. "Additional release of 56 barrels at an Anadarko location."

Approximate gallons spilled: 2,352

Number 9: "21 barrels at a Bayswater Exploration and Production location have also been confirmed."

Approximate gallons spilled: 882

Number 8: "74 barrels from a Noble location near Milliken."

Approximate gallons spilled: 3,108

Number 7: "The agency learned of a 36 barrel release of oil at a Noble location between Evans and LaSalle."

Approximate gallons spilled: 1,512

Continue for more about the other six oil spills due to flooding. Number 6: "A 26 barrel release at an Anadarko location near Johnstown."

Approximate gallons spilled: 1,092

Number 5: "A Noble location east of Kersey near Highway 34 and Highway 56 released 121 barrels."

Approximate gallons spilled: 5,082

Number 4: "A PDC location east of Greeley, near the intersection of Highway 34 and the bypass for Highway 34 released 60 barrels."

Approximate gallons spilled: 2,520

Number 3: "An Anadarko tank released 67 barrels of oil at a location south of Evans and north of La Salle."

Approximate gallons spilled: 2,814

Number 2: "A Mineral Resources location north and west of LaSalle released an unknown volume."

Approximate gallons spilled: Unknown

Number 1: "The agency also confirmed that a location operated by PDC had its production equipment largely washed away. The agency is working with the operator to ascertain the amount of product that was on site before flooding began."

Approximate gallons spilled: Unknown

Total through September 25: "The 12 notable releases total 890 barrels, or 37,380 gallons. The amount for two of these 12 releases is unknown. This volume is approaching a volume equivalent to three, standard, 300-barrel oil storage tanks."

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