Pit bull attack victim says owners should know their dog could kill someone (VIDEO)

Pit bull bans in Denver


Colorado cities like Aurora

have stirred controversy among activists, who insist that bad owners, not the breed, are to blame when the dogs attack. But while Nederland's Michael O'Neill, who was recently injured by a pit bull, doesn't back a ban, he says, "I want people to be very aware when they're making a decision (to own a pit bull): Someone could be killed by their dog."

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O'Neill, in an interview with the Boulder Daily Camera, believes he only survived an unprovoked assault from a pit bull named Rocco because he's carried a knife with him since his own dog died after tangling with a mountain lion. But even though he stabbed Rocco numerous times, he says the dog didn't release him until wrestled off by his owner; the dog reportedly didn't respond to voice commands.

Look below to see a Daily Camera video of O'Neill sharing his experiences:

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