Playboy's 15 Sexiest Cities — and Where Denver Finishes

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Number 6: Boston

Number 7: Seattle

Number 8: Las Vegas

Gambling, showgirls, countless hotel beds, strip joints, topless pools, swinger hangouts, adult stage shows, an ­anything-goes attitude—come to think of it, even the word Strip says “sexy.” No wonder Vegas is in the top 10....

Number 9: San Diego

Number 10: Portland, Oregon

It’s only fitting that OkCupid members in this slacker-friendly city list casual sex as a profile option more often than members in any other city in America....

Number 11: Dallas

Residents here have less sex (104 times a year) than residents of any other burg except Philadelphia in Trojan’s 10-city roundup. But at 39 minutes, Big D denizens last longer than other American lovers....

Number 12: Philadelphia

Sometimes less is more: In Trojan’s survey of 10 top markets, Philly ranked lowest in ­sexual frequency (99 times per year) and highest in sexual satisfaction (82 percent)....

Number 13: Austin

A recent Men’s Health survey named it the most sex-happy city in America, based on condom and sex-toy sales, birth rates and instances of STDs. Nothing says “sex happy” to us like that last metric....

Number 14: Minneapolis

Number 15: Denver

It’s one of the nation’s five fittest places, according to a Men’s Fitness survey, and the leanest, says the CDC. But those hard bodies need to slow down a bit when they reach the bedroom. The average sex session lasts just 26 minutes — one of the briefest in the Trojan survey....

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