Pot profiling? Man says Kansas hotel accused him of toking because he's from Colorado

Around this time last year, we began hearing reports that cars with Colorado license plates were being profiled by law enforcers in other states looking to make marijuana busts.

But are similar assumptions being made about Coloradans even after they reach their out-of-state destinations?

That's the claim of one man, who says hotel personnel in Kansas accused him of smoking weed in his room just because of where he lives.

We found the following late December post by Denverman86 on TripAdvisor.com. The review of a Super 8 in WaKeeney, Kansas appears under the headline, "Colorado Travelers Beware."

Here's his item:

I stayed at this hotel recently. I ended up paying a $180 for one night and a basic room. I had the initial charge for the room, then was charged an additional $100 because they claimed I smoked marijuana in my room and somehow my vent shaft from my bathroom was connected to the room above me? And children smelled marijuana? I did not smoke marijuana in that room. I am from Colorado so they must have assumed it was me. They had three cops with a drug dog going door to door knocking at 1 a.m. The cops never knocked on my door. The drug dogs never marked my room. Yet I was still charged $100 for marijuana smoking.

We present this account not to cast aspersions on the WaKeeney Super 8, which we're confident is a wonderful place with plenty of fine amenities, but as a reminder that when it comes to marijuana, Colorado is currently its own world -- and as a result, plenty of folks from neighboring states are apt to see us as the equivalent of visitors from another planet.

One on a higher plane.

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More from our Marijuana archive circa March 2013: "Marijuana profiling of Colorado cars happened to me twice in one trip, says Westword writer."

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