Pravda decries Churchill decision in Communist terms

Judge Larry Naves' decision to vacate a jury decision in the wrongful-termination lawsuit filed against the school by Ward Churchill has emboldened CU to seek at least ten grand's worth of compensation from the controversial prof. But it's also brought support for Churchill from folks on the political left -- and the really political left.

Example: A new op-ed published by Pravda.ru, a website that borrows the name of the newspaper that once served as the official mouthpiece for the Soviet Union. (The site's "About You" section declares that it has the "moral right to continue the history of the newspaper that was closed by then-President Boris Yeltsin in August of 1991.") "Ward Churchill and Death of Academic Freedom (Part I)," an essay by David R. Hoffman, looks at the verdict from an ideological angle, declaring, "CU's president Bruce Benson lauded Naves for 'appropriately applying the law. But what 'law' did Naves actually apply? Obviously the only one that truly matters in the United States: the 'law' decreeing that the rich and powerful must always work to protect the interests of the rich and powerful."

Think of it as the read scare.

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