ProgressNow Colorado prepares for a grocery-store strike

Negotiators for union employees of King Soopers and Safeway are heading back to the bargaining table yet again in an attempt to break

a contract stalemate that's dragged on for months

-- and in an indication that things are getting serious, the left-leaning

ProgressNow Colorado

organization has created

a searchable map

showing users places they can shop in their general vicinity without crossing a picket line in case talks break down. In the 80203 zip code where


is located, for example, the map came up with five union-friendly options. Of course, four of them are 7-Elevens, which are great when it comes to microwavable burritos, not so good for finding Cornish hens. But the fifth is a Whole Foods location, which gets both

Michael Huttner

's and

Crisanta Duran

's seal of approval.

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