Proof that media outlets (like this one!) love stunts

Daniel Seddiqui in Colorado.

Wanna get press coverage? It's easy. Just come up with a gimmick, contact someone at the local media outlet's news desk, who's undoubtedly desperate for material, and you're in. For proof, look no further than Daniel Seddiqui. The California resident has decided to work a job for one week in every state in the union because -- well, because he'd like to write a book about his experiences and maybe even convince the Discovery Channel to produce a special about him. And while he's only visited Utah, Colorado and South Dakota thus far, he's already garnered a considerable amount of attention in regard to his odyssey, which he's documenting on Living the Map, his personal website. He was profiled by Cali's Contra Costa Times newspaper before he left, and while I was unable to locate any ink or video from Utah, where he served a stint in a humanitarian-services position, I found a 9News piece about the time he spent in Colorado as a hydrologist -- and a South Dakota TV station produced a small piece on the time he spent there toiling as a radio DJ. And now, of course, there's this blog, too. Man, we media types are easy.

To watch Seddiqui's journey and intro and his South Dakota TV moment, click "More." -- Michael Roberts

Daniel's introductory video:

The South Dakota clip:

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