Racist Airman Cory Reeves Still Not Fired, Claims to Be in Space Force

Cory Reeves's Twitter portrait.
Cory Reeves's Twitter portrait. Twitter
It's been nearly two years since Westword first provided evidence that Colorado Springs-based Air Force member Cory Reeves was a member of Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group that's since rebranded as the American Identity Movement.

But although an Air Force panel recommended his discharge around six months ago, he's still officially part of the service and has recently taken to Twitter, where he has been energetically sharing right-wing content with a decidedly racist tinge and is claiming to be part of the U.S. Space Force.

This last assertion is technically untrue, says Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek. As of now, she notes, only a handful of leaders and fewer than 100 others are official Space Forcers, and Reeves isn't among them. His closest association with the branch is that he's stationed at Schriever Air Force Base in the Springs, which is currently offering Space Force support.

She adds that Reeves is "being considered for discharge, and we expect a decision soon."

click to enlarge A recent tweet by Cory Reeves. - TWITTER
A recent tweet by Cory Reeves.
Whether "soon" is even possible at this point is debatable. In December 2018, Westword published a now-offline video in which Reeves was among those seen near a Denver-area overpass displaying graffiti promoting Identity Evropa. Nine months later, he was demoted to the rank of Technical Sergeant for his extracurricular activities, and in early 2020, Stefanek confirmed that "an administrative discharge board recommended discharge. Based on his length of service (over 16 years), he is entitled to a review. That process is ongoing."

As for Reeves, he was publicly silent until last month, when he launched a Twitter account in which he's described as follows: "U.S. Space Force — Flat Earth — Author of 'Grifters, Globalists and Their Impediment to American Space Superiority' — America First."

That book is apparently in nascent stages; there's no reference to the title anywhere other than Reeves's Twitter account, which has a grand total of two followers. But his fondness for philosophy espoused in the title is certainly on display. Under an August 4 retweet of a graphic showing President Donald Trump campaign signs for millennia in the future, he wrote, "Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The day before, he tweeted, "America First, folks!" and "Crush the mob. #LawAndOrder." And a July 30 message reads, "Much work to be done, my Anglo-Saxon brethren."

That work is being done while Reeves continues to draw an Air Force paycheck — for now, anyway.
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