Raven Furlong, missing teen, found -- but she refuses to return home to her family

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Here are the details Furlong shared about herself on the website Model Mayhem:
The Basics: located in Denver/Aurora will travel if expenses are considered My hair is short and pink right now, but it changes a few times a year. no tattoos or piercings except my earlobes and a star on my wrist, but I am interested in alternative modeling, and I have tattoos on the way (shoulder & rib piece). My ethnicity is not "other". :) I am European (Irish, French, Swiss, German) and Native American. I love to do make-up and art.
She added:
A bit more about me: I'm pretty much a newb, but I believe I have great potential. I'm looking to build my portfolio, and I want to explore many different types/styles of modeling.
Furlong's loved ones coordinated a search for her through the Help Find Raven Cassidy Furlong Facebook page, and this past month, her car was found in the Los Angeles area. In it were a number of items that concerned Furlong's mom, Tonja Mahaffey, including a pair of men's shoes: But while area police continued their search, they noted a potential rub: At the time the car was found, Raven was about to turn eighteen. If she was found after that point and didn't want to return to Colorado with her parents, she'd be within her legal rights as an adult.

And that's precisely what happened.

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