Raven Furlong, missing teen, found -- but she refuses to return home to her family

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According to 7News, police made contact with Raven. But she told them she was in California of her own free will, and because she had turned eighteen at that point, the police let her go and have removed her from the missing persons list. This decision frustrates Furlong's parents, who fear she was forced into the sex trade and is being held against her will, despite claims that staying in California is her choice. Here's a post on the subject from the Help Find Raven Cassidy Furlong Facebook page:
This is Raven's mother, Tonja. Myself and my husband traveled to Venice Beach in March to try to locate my daughter and bring her home before she turned 18. We found the car, but not her. We spent a week wasting our time with the LAPD. We spent numerous hours walking, searching and hoping we would find her. When we had to leave to return to work, My sister Tobi went to CA to take our place. She spent many days and countless hours searching for our beloved Raven. She walked hundreds of miles in search of Raven. Then when Raven was located and her location was relayed to my sister, it was also relayed to police because Raven's safety is a concern. Sadly the police beat Tobi to Raven's location. They took Raven to the police station to question her and be able to finally wash their hands of her.

Now that the police are "off" the case, they will no longer be a stumbling block for us. AS HER MOTHER, I WOULD NOT SPEND THE TIME AND MONEY AND ENERGY THAT I HAVE OR THAT MY FAMILY HAS, IF I DID NOT BELIEVE THAT SHE WAS TRULY IN DANGER!

I am not doing this to be controlling, I never have been that kind of person. I am doing this to SAVE MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE!

If you cannot accept that or just choose not too, please keep your negativity to yourself. We are here for a succesfull and happy outcome, not a negative one.

Thank you,

The Mahaffey's

Look below to see a 7News report featuring comments from Furlong's mother. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Continue for our previous coverage, including more photos.
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