Re: Reiver's

I'd been visiting this stretch for years, following chefs and menus and openings and closings in the rich yuppie/college kid/soccer-mom microcosm of South Gaylord Street. Baked goods, sushi, cheeseburgers, tacos, cold beers, warm sake, expensive wine. There was already plenty to do and plenty to eat. To me, Reiver's was just ancillary, an old-guard, storied but eminently missable landmark once popular among the coke-sniffles-and-Steely-Dan crowd, now slowly slipping into doddering senescence. And the only reason I ended up there a couple weeks back was because of a waiting list, a broken parking brake and an argument about plantains with my darling wife Laura. It was a lunch of last resort...

From last resort to love affair -- that's the course I'm charting this week with my review of the new and improved Reiver's. Further, I'm talking about restaurant neighborhoods and neighborhood restaurants, with news coming from the elder bastions of South Gaylord (BTW, comments are coming fast and furious regarding my review of Chi Bistro) and the side streets of Park Hill. (Come back here later today, or pick up the March 1 issue, to read all about it.) Welcome to Denver, folks, where the only constant is change.-- Jason Sheehan

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