Reader: 4/20 driving under influence of weed citations prove THC driving bill not needed

In a post last week, we speculated that backers of a bill to set THC driving limits standards might attempt to use a trio of marijuana-related driving issues in Boulder on 4/20, including an incident in which an allegedly high teen crashed into a patrol car. But one reader saw the lesson of these happenings very differently.

Toosmart4TheirOwngood writes:

I think what this shows is that there is no need for additional legislation related to impaired driving. Obviously there were laws on the books that allowed the officers involved in these incidents to arrest the offenders. These drivers were impaired and were arrested for it. Why do we need a per se law that targets MMJ patients. These examples are exactly the situations where people should be arrested, if you are too fucked up to drive you should be arrested. If you aren't then you are fine, no arbitrary number is going to make that determination when you are dealing with a chemical like THC which is metabolized so differently from alcohol.

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