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Reader: A campus gun ban would be as effective as a ban on 420 gatherings

Yesterday, we wrote about retired Littleton police chief Heather Coogan and businessman Ken Toltz, who are attempting to put an initiative on the November 2014 ballot asking whether Colorado believe concealed weapons should be banned on college campuses. As always, the issue of gun control inspires a lot of emotional, polarizing debate with very little room for middle ground. But commenter GuestWho, while clearly on one side of the issue, seemed to offer some reasonable thoughts, a rare trick. Here are those thoughts:

Obviously laws are to protect our rights from being infringed, however, the gun control laws recently passed are mis-guided and do not address the real problem. Mentally ill people and people who don't know how to use guns can still obtain them easily and legally because it is not a crime to be stupid or crazy. A campus gun ban to prevent a mass shooting would be about as effective as a campus marijuana ban to prevent a 420 gathering. Create smarter laws that actually require gun training or mental competency tests before a gun purchase and maybe more people would support gun control. Taking away the rights of many because of a minority of unstable, violent people is un-american and does not solve the problem.

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