Reader: Abigail Suber has something in common with Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Our most recent Shmuck of the Week, Abigail Suber, is accused of threatening to call immigration on a driver who got into an accident with her. But one reader feels it's premature to cast judgment on her -- and to defend this point, she brings up the name of a considerably more famous person whose accuser has come under close scrutiny of late.

Sari writes:

"Getting into a car accident sucks, but extorting people makes you a shmuck."

You know, I would rather let someone, maybe a judge, maybe a jury, decide whether a person is guilty of a crime than a reporter for Westword.

In fact, this case reminds me very much of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the French former head of IMF. He had more power than the other party, who was Latino, and in the US on shaky immigration grounds. In both cases the police arrested the one with more power and the media declared him, and now her, guilty.

If indeed a bad check was written by Mr. Holguin, then the cases have one more similarity: both "victims" had financial motives to lie.

If this article is labeling this woman a schmuck, might it be political correctness run amuck?

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