Reader: Admit It, Colorado -- Many Tourists Come Here to Smoke Pot

Our post about the 471 percent increase in public-pot-smoking tickets over the first three-quarters of 2014 inspired many of our readers to debate whether cannabis clubs should be allowed. Here's someone who puts his response in the context of officials' continuing reluctance to acknowledge marijuana tourism.

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Daniel Orleans writes:

As much as the state doesn't want to admit it, people come here to smoke. Those people need a place to go to smoke they can't do it in their hotels so they go outside. Most locals don't smoke in public they for the most part have a place to go to use. The state just needs to admit there are going to be pot tourists and those people need a place to consume!! If you go to Amsterdam you almost never see anyone smoking on the street. That is because they have coffee shops to go into if you provide something like that here it will solve the public consumption problem!

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