Reader: An open letter to Occupy Denver

Kelsey Whipple's Friday post about Occupy Denver's suspension of its first member -- a woman named Molly -- inspired one reader to write an open letter to the organization as a whole.

It's tough stuff. Check it out below.

JJ writes:

Dear Occupy Denver,

Stop with the over use of the word "provocateur," It makes the rest of us who support you look like paranoid extremists. Some people fuck up or have their own agenda, and it is nothing more than that.

Judge individuals by their actions and deal with them accordingly not by their political affiliations, anarchist or otherwise. If people or organizations are there to help and support, they are one of us. Just reading Molly's twitter offended me, and I am not even an anarchist.

You may think the rest of us do not have a dog in this fight, but we do. We are counting on you to make this work. This movement is too strong to be taken down by external forces, and you are going to be your worst enemy, which will make you our enemy.

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