Reader: Ann Coulter is right about harm single moms can do -- even ones unlike Casey Anthony

Our item about a debate between controversy lightning-rod

Ann Coulter and Jessica Corry

about whether just-freed murder suspect Casey Anthony represents single motherhood spawned some strong posts.

Here's one from a Coulter defender.

Pete Zeigler writes:

Coulter is right. Not that any today's brainwashed "progressive" zealots could understand why. One day somewhere there will be a culture that cares enough about it's children to delay the selfish gratification that makes it nearly impossible for contemporary "parents" to stay together. Self sacrifice and discipline are not useless archaic practices. They are part of the glory of humanity, a rare jewel. They are just not very popular with those who place their desires above all else.

You may now rationalize your selfishness and sloth. What ever makes you feel better, I guess. Making fun of Coulter might be a good place to start. None of that icky thinking needed! Quick and easy, and you can get back to what's important, like shopping or facebook.

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