Reader: At least the geezers remember their University of Colorado civics lesson

The 4/20 celebration at the University of Colorado is an annual rite of spring, and news that some student leaders don't consider it an actual right and want to move it off campus has inspired both complaints and this rebuke of those complaining: "Why don't all of you MMJ geezers leave the kids alone? Jesus, you're like the creepy 10th year senior that wants to continue to pretend to be in college...."

Ecodude has an issue with that:

These "kids" you refer to are guided and controlled by the biggest money in politics and have virtual autonomy over a $37 million budget that directly affects the students at one of the largest universities in the US. The CUSG is arguably the most powerful student government in the country. They've already moved to cut worthy programs that have been funded on campus for decades, simply because they are not in line with their new officers' neocon views.

I pay attention to CU because I've already sent 2 kids through that school (so far) and have contributed more to that university than you make in a year.

If you think that the political environment in our nation's universities is irrelevant, then you have absolutely no grasp on history whatsoever. Organizations like The Leadership Institute are the scouts and mentors who are searching colleges for the next generation of operatives and political stars. What they do on campus can have dramatic effects at the State Capitol and Washington DC. Every POTUS from your lifetime forged their political career in college with the guidance and help of political elders.

You should pay attention to the geezers once in a while. We still remember the history and civics lessons you never paid attention to in class.

And btw - I drive to Denver every day and read more local and national news in a morning than you've read your entire ignorant life, kid.

But not while you're driving, we hope. Congressman Jared Polis, who represents Boulder, is all for making pot legal -- and not just because he's a fan of "higher" education. Read "Jared Polis has ideas for closing federal budget gap budget other than legalizing marijuana -- really" here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.