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Reader: Attending Broncos Games is the Worst Thing to Do in Denver

Our post featuring our ten least favorite places in Denver inspired lotsa readers to share the local spots to which they give a big thumbs-down. Among the nominations was a place that thousands of people are eager to visit this weekend.

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whosdp writes:

Broncos games. They are an assault on the senses, from the blaring "music" and commercials to the drunken, obnoxious fans, revolting bathrooms and awful food, being there is dreadful. Having to walk by vendor stands featuring profane T-shirts and other less-than-authorized merchandise is a classy touch.

So, two guys in the front of your section feel the need to stand up for every three-yards-and-a cloud-of-dust play...forcing the whole section to stand if they want to see the problem. Yeah, paying through the nose to be one in a herd of thousands packed into the diaphragm gets you into one of the worst places in Denver... .

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