Reader: Aurora theater shooting an aberration, not a typical occurrence

Our post last Friday about pro-gun and anti-gun responses to the Aurora theater shootings sparked quite a conversation, with one participant being a visitor from the U.K. unsettled by the sort of weapon availability touted by Texas Representative Louie Gohmert. The following comment is from a homegrown product who rejects characterizing contemporary America as the Wild West with more lethal firepower.

Monkey writes:

Nothing happened to you except self induced fear. I have lived in the US for much longer than 27 years and have not encountered a situation like that, and no one has pulled a gun on me either. I have seen more violent behavior during an Amsterdam trip than I have ever seen in America. I can't answer your question because I don't know what I would do, I react to every situation differently. You however, have pre-determined Americans will kill you, not exactly a pleasant way to live.

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