Reader: Behind-the-scenes footage shows real story behind THC driving report

This week, we published a William Breathes post about marijuana advocate Max Montrose, who thinks a Fox31 story on driving under the influence of THC was rigged -- a claim the station refuted at length in our update of the piece. Nonetheless, many of our readers weren't convinced. Like, for instance, this one.

betweenthelines writes:

After viewing the tape made by Max, it is refreshing to see what REALLY happens during these news stories and what is actually reported.... The two 'versions' really are not even close to each other.... Fox made some 'un-biased' statements, but I hope you are not suggesting that because they had to 'appear' neutral at some point, this excuses them from reporting accurately.... I'm not saying they are necessarily LYING. They are just choosing what they wish to report on.... Lots of organizations do this.... Like the government.... Trust.

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