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Reader: Being Afraid of Homeless People on the 16th Street Mall Is Elitist

One of our recent posts about the 16th Street Mall deals with proposed changes to the roadway and discussion about potentially eliminating bus service along the route.

But many commenters turned the topic from aesthetics and transportation to the number of homeless people who congregate on the mall and whether their presence is related to concerns about random violence in the area. One reader finds such linkage not only suspect, but offensive. Terin Jami writes:
I've worked on the 16th Street Mall for ten years and am a Denver local, born and raised. Being "afraid" of houseless people is elitist, problematic and creates narratives that allow for the oppression of houseless folks. One mentally ill man followed me for a few months but I still don't think more cops and less shuttles is the solution.
What do you think is the solution to problems on the 16th Street Mall?
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