Reader: Better inspections would minimize building woes

"Design Flaw," Melanie Asmar, September 5

High-Rise Anxiety

Nice article on issues concerning law and construction defects in general. However, Melanie Asmar wrote one extremely hyperbolic sentence that I take issue with: "Regardless of where the truth lies, most lawsuits end up settling for millions of dollars."

Wow. This cannot possibly be true. Care to share some statistics with your readership? I suggest that "most lawsuits" are not settled for millions of dollars, and that the truth matters. I am guessing my conclusion would not generate as much excitement.
Joe Pickard

"Caveat emptor" used to be the prudent path for consumers. But as the cost and complexity of modern products has risen, so has the potential damage to consumers. Just as the automobile-manufacturing industry needed to be regulated, so does the homebuilding industry.

In the 1970s, U.S. carmakers sealed their coffins when they became money makers instead of car makers. Homebuilders are now of the same mindset. Shoddy design and construction lead only to a waste of time, materials and labor; deplete natural resources and add to the pollution of our planet. Going "green," my ass!

The number of construction defects can be reduced if city and state inspectors actually show up and do their jobs. More inspectors must certainly be cheaper than lawsuits, reconstruction and general distrust.

Today cars are more reliable, more fuel-efficient, faster, safer and less expensive, with more features than their 1970s counterparts — but it was not without sacrifice. Detroit is having its lunch eaten by foreign manufacturers who have learned that the game is to build products people can trust. Arrogance and greed are why I don't drive a GM or Ford product. I wonder about what Korean home manufacturers are thinking of their future right now.
Ancel Phelps

Is there anything in this country that lawyers haven't destroyed? We need laws that limit lawyers' fees in class-action lawsuits so that true victims aren't once again exploited by these bottom-feeding lawyers.
Willie Stortz
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"Seeing Orange," Off Limits, September 5

Broncos Busting

"It's awesome that Denver gets to take the stage in a rematch with the Super Bowl champions...." Who's writing this stuff? Fifteen-year-olds? Whoever it may be, it certainly can't be folks from around here. As someone who attended my first Broncos game when Kennedy was running against Nixon, I guess I'm less inclined to indulge the NFL if they decide to throw Joe Flacco in my face as I walk down the 16th Street Mall. In the final analysis, I just don't find it all that...awesome.
Scott Newell

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