Reader: Bicycling won't get too popular in Colorado because of all the fat, lazy people

Our Sam Levin has offered up a series of posts about bicycling and commuting, with the latest, about a likely

record number of Denver cycling accidents in 2012

, stirring up commentary aplenty. Here's a post by a reader who thinks bicyclists won't ever take over the road, for reasons having to do with an often overshadowed deadly sin: sloth.

Guest writes:

Let's look on the bright side; there are far too many fat, lazy, and generally unhealthy people in this state and across the country that cycling as a mode of transportation will never get too popular. Motorists should just simmer down when it comes to cyclists on the road. I mean seriously, why are drivers in a big rush for anyway? Can't wait to get to your job you hate, or home to your fat spouse and fat kids?

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