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Reader: Bike riders and car drivers should look out for each other, not act like [email protected]$holes

Westword contributor Britt Chester's post about nearly being hit by a car while riding his bike and then getting into a confrontation with a cop has sparked a lively debate about responsibility on the road -- included this post calling for cooperation.

SxPxDxCx writes:

On the topic of stop signs. If there is a painted cross walks at the stop sign they are generally accompanied buy a large solid white line. That is the stop line. Meaning you need to stop your car at or behind the stop line. Not in the crosswalk which is what is see lots and lots of drivers do. If there is no designated crosswalk then you need to stop behind the stop sign. This goes for bikes and cars.

When every driver, in every car, stops for every stop sign then you can bitch about people on bikes not following the rules. Until that day dawns that everyone follows all of the traffic rules on the books how about we all just look out for each other. People acting like assholes aren't just limited to just people on bikes.

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