Reader: Birth control is dangerous and has many potential side effects

Our Denver Blogs post about the Supreme Court's birth-control ruling in a case involving Hobby Lobby stores -- a decision our Bree Davies thinks should concern everyone -- got people talking, and plenty of them disagreed about its importance. This reader's take is a memorable example.

Amanda McGregor writes:

"The rights of women everywhere are compromised!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Hobby Lobby employees can't get free Plan B anymore!!! Next we won't have healthcare at all!" Just fucking stop already! If the Supreme Court had ruled against Hobby Lobby it would have been a war on religion. Everyone can find fault in a decision that they didn't have to make. Be happy that birth control is covered at all for their employees. Be happy that insurance companies can no longer consider having a uterus a preexisting condition. Some much healthcare reform has happened in the last decade, stop acting like women are being denied access to rights. If their employees still want an IUD that badly then they can pay for it. Birth control in general is dangerous and has so many potential side effects. They still cover vasectomies, which are much safer and easier to preform. The argument could be made that Hobby Lobby cares more about women, but fuck it. The reality is that 16 types of birth control being free is totally acceptable and won't crush our society.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.