Reader: Businesses against Paid Sick Leave might have fought minimum wage law, too

The rhetoric over the Denver Paid Sick Leave Initiative is already at boiling temperature.

Kelsey Whipple's recent post about a rally opposing the measure drew this response from an impassioned supporter.

Whydowefighteachother writes:

Restaurants will tell the public that they don't make their employees work sick, but its simply not true. If you don't get your shift covered, you have to come into work, sick or not. People work sick all the time and in return get other employees sick, its a vicious circle. If the restaurant industry is opposed to this initiative, they should come up with their own initiative that suits their needs better. Instead of sending the message, we don't care if you're sick and we shouldn't have to work around it, propose a plan that shows you do care, but wouldn't be such a burden to business. In the past businesses also thought they wouldn't make it with standard work weeks or minimum wage practices. We all deserve to be healthy, even without a doctor's note!

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