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Reader: Businesses that don't supply diapering stations are just being cheap

Last week, we Facebook-shared a new comment on one of our biggest discussion starters -- a post about a dispute involving Alex and Ruth Burgos, who changed their baby in the main section of a Starbucks. Dozens of new takes quickly appeared, with the following among the most passionate.

Ben Beeby writes:

If I saw someone changing their baby on the floor of the men's room I'd call social services. Koala Care (changing station) solicits these business, especially restaurants, all day long. They cost about 40 bucks. Starbucks makes 3000% profit off a damn cup of coffee. You can run your mouth all day about children and how I need to stay home with my kid, but I don't see any of you waiting at outhouses along the street. You all expect to be able to relieve yourselves in any business you spend money at, so why is my two year old any different? You really expect us to stay home until we are done raising children? I'm sorry if the isolation this world fosters has made you all forget that the only biological purpose of life is to create life. I guess you live in a world where you think us breeders should stay home so you can enjoy a clean poop and scream free world. Enjoy your dream, cause children belong everywhere they want to be, and there really is nothing you can do but complain on FB and WESTWORD about it.

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