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Reader: California- and Texas-style thinking is dividing Colorado

Our post about the top thirty reasons for moving to Denver launched a debate weighing the relative merits of Californians and Texans who relocate here -- one that's spilled over into not one but two prior Comments of the Day. In the latest on the topic, one reader associates the style of those two states with some negatives cropping up in this one.

Danny Gillam writes:

I don't like extremes and the only thing people from either state seem to offer are extremes. They both have the "do it my way or the highway" mentality. It's stupid really. You can thank CA style thinking if you like wasting a million dollars on a logo. Then of course there's TX style which is agree or we secede. Hardcore libs and cons are ridiculous and only further drive the stake into the divide of the state and country.

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