A photo from our People of Cannabis Cup 2014 slide show.
Photo by Brandon Marshall

Reader: Cannabis Cups Bring in Lots of Money, But Lots of Scum, Too

With 4/20 less than a month away, it's no surprise people are still talking about the High Times Cannabis Cup's move to California.

After all, the Cup has been a major event in Denver over the past several years.

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But not everyone loved the gathering — and not only because of problems such as the huge post-Cup cleanup required in 2013.

Here's one reader who isn't exactly heartbroken over the prospect of a Cup-free 4/20 in Denver.

Dee Rahquin writes:

I hate High Times.

The Cannabis Cup brings lots of money, but lots of scum, too.

High Times has destroyed and warped cannabis culture into a commercialized rag full of garbage and undercover police trying to entrap people.

Good riddance. 710 is better anyway.

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