Reader: Capitol Hill is great, except that time four douchebags fractured my skull

We recently posted about the ten Denver neighborhoods with the most aggravated assaults, according to 2009-2013 Denver police data. Afterward, many residents of these and other neighborhoods shared their experiences. But few were as harrowing as the one that follows, as shared by a resident who still lives in and loves the place where the incident took place.

Robert Headtke writes:

have lived in cap hill for a long time now, minus a 2 year stint in congress park. got jumped and the shit kicked out of me about 3 years ago walking home from a bar with my friend. we were standing across the street from my apt smoking a cigarette when 4 randoms walked past us and then decided to go to town. I received a nasal fracture, septic fracture, orbital fractures, skull fracture, torn blood vessels, torn artery, and a spinal fluid leak. had a night in the ICU, a week in the hospital, two surgeries, had to go on short term disability, and still have permanent nerve damage. i also had over $300 cash on me to go to a music festival that weekend which they didn't even bother to touch or try and steal nor did they try and steal anything from my friend. it was simply just so they could beat the shit of two random kids. fun times. I hope karma is a real thing and I hope those 4 douche bags get every ounce of it coming back to them. other than that one shitty night, cap hill is great!

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