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Reader: Capitol Hill rape case got more coverage because victim was a man

Last week, we reported about an alert put out by the Denver Police Department about the rape of a man in Capitol Hill.

One reader wonders why a similar amount of attention has been given the sexual assaults in the area that have involved female victims.

madatyou writes:

First: Being sexually assaulted is awful, and I hope that speak for everyone when I say that I hope this poor guy recovers and gets past this horrible trauma. That said, I live in that area, and I find it particularly peculiar that this is the first time ANY news agency has bothered to put up sketches of suspects in a rape case (at least in my recent memory.)

According to the Denver Police Department Crime Map (available to all online), there were 346 reported rapes in my neighborhood last year, and not one of them made a headline. It is almost as if raping women is well, you know, not a big deal. How is that possible in a City that is so progressive? How are we over looking the need to protect women and men equally? Why do we continue to let people mill around on our streets looking ominous and dirtying up our fair city? Why is it when I call the police to report these crimes no one ever show the fuck up? Thank you Westword and all other Denver news agency for not letting me know about the 346 women whose lives were destroyed, and will forever deal with the trauma of loosing control of their own bodies. Nice work...

As for gun control. Had this been a man carrying a 38 special, these two dick heads would be lying faceless on the ground. I am getting my permit as soon as possible.

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