Reader: Carbon-footprint fears are nonsense promoted by left-wing nuts

Our post yesterday about the one-hundred dirtiest power plants as enumerated in an Environment Colorado report raised concerns about uncaptured carbon being spewed by giant energy-generating facilities. But not every reader was alarmed. For instance, this commenter sees claims of danger as sheer propaganda.

commentor99 writes:

Move on. No one needs to give a fig about carbon footprints. We need CO2. Hurricane Sandy was a conflux of 3 simultaneous events. Very rare. We have nearly the lowest hurricane season ever. This is all BS, funded by G.Soros and his ilk who only want bigger government, higher utility bills, more control. Margaret McCall = another whiny liar, joins the ranks of Lois Lerner, Holly Paz, etc. More posts like these and I will definitely cancel my "Like" of Denver Westword.

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