Reader: Celena Hollis murder can't be blamed on the police

The murder of Denver Police officer Celena Hollis, and the arrest of Rollin Oliver, who self-identifies as a gang member, has sparked an ongoing conversation among our readers, some of whom blame the police for the environment that spawned this violent act. In contrast, here's the opinion of someone who feels that view is too simplistic.

theLUX writes:

A non-violent approach to gangs? I'd love to hear that approach. Do police screw up and do a lot of senseless things like beat up drunks in LODO? Sure. Everyone has seen it. But to say that it's purely the fault of the police is ridiculous. I live in North Denver, and it doesn't take a highly trained eye to know that the areas in which we seen violent shootings in the last few months are gang controlled strong-holds, and to continually assert that the police are a gang, and are voilent, is to overlook the bane on the community that gangs truly are.

There are rational approaches to every solution, and a large-scale investigation ending in multiple arrests is the only thing that is going to keep Park Hill and 5-Points from erupting in blood-shed. Now if you're of the mind that the police are the problem, then point us toward a solution, because I don't see one in anything you're posting.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.