Reader: Chauncey Billups needs to stay with the Nuggets, but not that whiny Carmelo Anthony!

Our item yesterday about a potential trade that would send Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the New Jersey Nets prompted a strong take from a reader known as "lala."

No, it's probably not that LaLa, judging by what she had to say about Melo.

Here's the post:

first off: don't trade chauncey! he's our franchise player, born and raised in denver! i was pissed when they traded him before. then we got him back. now let the dude stay home. second: f*CK MELLO! get that sucka out of here. I'd trade that pile for a sack of the chronic. i'm so sick of hearing about this whiny punk. he obviously doesn't have what it takes to get the nuggs to the next level. church!

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