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Reader: Chihuahuas and Other Small Dogs Are Often Spoiled, Entitled Biters

Our post about the ten dog breeds with the most and fewest bites in Denver energized pet lovers of all stripes to weigh in on data collected by 9News. Some felt the station's approach was flawed, while others disagreed with or offered alternate interpretations of the rankings. Here's one interesting example.

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Ember Davidson writes:

All I know is when we were camping this summer my Mom's friend's 2 year old kept jabbing her pit bull in the eyes. Dog didn't do anything but move away. If he even tried to pick up the chihuahua, it nipped at his face. Little dogs are like cats, spoiled and entitled. But like I firmly believe, all dogs can be good and all dogs can be bad. People who don't know how to bring up a pet properly and know how to discipline an animal as well as love it and give it praise shouldn't have a pet.

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