Reader: Chris Romer deserves to be Shmuck of the Decade

Where there's smoke, there's ire! Last year at this time, state senator Chris Romer was gearing up to push a measure through the Colorado Legislature that would get Colorado's booming medical marijuana industry under control -- and as thanks, our readers have just voted him Shmuck of the Year (the editorial choice was Scott McInnis). This comment from Robert is just a sample of the sentiment that pushed Romer over the top:

Congratulations, Scott and Chris!

Both major parties are grooming the schmucks who will become the mis-governors and mis-representatives of tomorrow.

In a year, Chris Romer will be a major contender for Schmuck of the (first) Decade (of the twenty-first century) for his tireless work last year to undermine the voters' decision at the end of the Twentieth Century to legalize medical cannabis.

As for McInnis, the plagiarist and elder abuser was the clear editorial choice. When he was caught for his copycat "Musings on Water," the then-Republican gubernatorial candidate should have manned up and taken responsibility, not tossed an 82-year-old former friend under the bus.

For more of our cannabis coverage -- including many stories about Chris Romer -- read our Marijuana archives. We promise that Scott McInnis will never plagiarize any of these stories.

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