Reader: College kids with Kansas plates coming from Colorado are real targets of pot-profiling

Our latest post about alleged pot profiling -- focusing on a story about a Kansas officer pulling over a rental truck because its Colorado plates supposedly didn't match the registration (which they did) -- inspired another big response. But one reader suggests that the profiling of certain cars with Kansas plates may actually be happening more often than people realize.

tgenenbacher writes:

Just my opinion but I think people are making a mountain out of a mole hill and taking a couple isolated incidents and making them seem more common place then they really are. I make the drive from Denver to KC several times a month and tend to do it at a high rate of speed (no ticket yet this year, knock on wood). After hearing about the supposed profiling, I have been waiting to get pulled over not just for hauling ass but mainly for the Colorado plates on the car. So far the state troopers seem to be radaring and pulling cars over that are headed westbound into Colorado and not coming from. I did have a trooper suddenly strike up a conversation with me as we both got out of our cars at a truck stop in Colby KS. His first question was "what part of Colorado you from" which clued me in that he had checked out my plates. I engaged him in conversation and asked him directly how many Colorado cars he busts every week hauling weed eastbound. He laughed and said that them profiling Colorado cars is completely speculation and that they bust more cars with Kansas plates hauling pot then they ever do from Colorado cars. His words exactly were "People from Colorado aren't moving weed to KC, they've got all they need right at home, it's the college kids that are going to Colorado for a weekend that are dragging it back into the state." Again, his words were "if you want to get pulled ove, just drive east in a car full of college kids with KS plates."

Just thought I'd pass my experiences on.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.